Stainless Steel Press Fitting & Pipe


Stainless Steel Press fittings system is an Innovative technology that eliminates threading, welding, Heat jointing or Solution joining system. This system is designed for ease of installation. Stainless Steel pipes provide hygienic, Long life and maintenance free piping systems. These help in extending the building life are earthquake proof and prevent damage to expensive interiors in the building.
Strengthening Our Roots in Integration & Innovation A part of the JINDAL GROUP, We are Authorized Distributor for SS press Fitting & pipe manufacture and marketed by JSL STAINLESS Ltd. (formerly JSL LIMITED) is India's largest and the only fully integrated Stainless Steel manufacturer. JSL STAINLESS has grown from an indigenous single-unit Stainless Steel plant in Hisar, Haryana, to the present multi-location and multi-product conglomerate
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