Water Treatment Plants

Water Treatment Plant is meant for removing the suspended impurities, metal and ionic impurities. The system are used for reclaiming the water from ground or surface. The aim of putting the water treatment plant can be simple filtration whereby all suspended impurities are removed. The suspended impurities are removed by simple media filtration where particle size of up-to 30 micron is aimed. The smaller particle which causes turbidity are removed by micro filtration and Ultra-filtration where the particles up to 0.015 micron can be removed. This also eliminates 99% bacteria and virus thus removing max pathogens.

Softening units are applied where hardness is required to be removed.

Demineralisation unit are installed where removal of ionic impurities and metallic impurities are aimed to be achieved.

Membrane filtration which removes the ionic and metallic impurities varies from Nano to Bohr size. The application of Nano filtration is done where max amount of monovalent ions are required to be rejected and Reverse Osmosis is applied with an aim to reject all salt/ion with max rejection.

Optima Water manufacture and supply following different type of Water Treatment Plant:

Media Filtration Systems

  • Pressure Sand Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter

Membrane Filtration System

  • Reverse Osmosis Plant (RO Plant)
  • Ultra Filtration Systems (UF Plant)
  • Nano Filtration (NF Plant)

Ion Exchange Systems

  • Water Softener Plant
  • Demineralization Plant (DM Plant)
  • Electro Deionisation (EDI)

Disinfection Systems

  • Ultra Violet Systems
  • Ozonation Systems
  • Chlorine Dosing Systems