Our total solution focus can reduce cost, eliminate integration issues, provide better project management and deliver better after-sale support.

We offer you specially engineered Water & Waste Water Treatment Plant & filtration solutions, all matched to your specific needs and requirements and delivered as a single solution. We promise you to manufactured Water & Waste Water Treatment Plant with unmatched quality, complete engineering and design support, and over a half century
of proven experience.

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  • Water Treatment Plant is meant for removing the suspended impurities, metal and ionic impurities.

  • Wastewater treatment plants of a medium or small scale require a simple equipment composition and easy maintenance.

  • Optima water is a leading Sewage Treatment Plant manufacturing in Delhi for Residential & Commercial Sewage Treatment Plant.

  • We are a leading Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturer in India.

  • We are a leading RO Plant Manufacturer in India.

  • Ultra filtration is a membrane based technology, which is used for separation of higher molecular weight particles from water.

  • Softening is the process of removing Calcium and Magnesium ions from water through Cation exchange.